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The Blues and getting punched in the face were the two biggest influences in Ro Cuzon's development as a writer. Born in Brittany, France, Ro boxed for several years as a teenager and dropped out of high school to play guitar in a band.


He has lived in France, San Francisco, the Caribbean, and Brooklyn, and finally settled in New Orleans. He's earned money as a waiter, bartender, construction worker, painter, landscaper, as well as other, unmentionable activities.


Ro's short fiction has appeared in CrimeSpree Magazine, Thuglit, and The Rogue Reader. He is the author of two novels, Under the Dixie Moon and Under the Carib Sun. 


A brand new novel in the Adel Destin series, Crescent City Stomp, will be published by 280 Steps in May 2017.

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