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Ro Cuzon has been named by Sean Chercover as "one of the best new voices in crime fiction." The first two novels in his Adel Destin series, Under the Dixie Moon and Under the Carib Sun, have been released in paperback for the first time in September 2016. Learn more about the inspiration behind the series here.

Under the Dixie Moon

Charlie Huston’s Hank Thompson novels meet Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder series in this gritty neo-noir set in New Orleans. 

Four years after Hurricane Katrina and the death of his wife, New Orleans bar owner Adel Destin has just kicked his heroin habit when Sondra Williams—an ex-junkie who once revived him from an overdose—begs him to help her find her missing sister. Adel has no choice but to accept, and soon is on the trail of a serial killer targeting women living on the fringe of society. 

Navigating temptations from his old life, dirty NOPD cops, and friends who turn to enemies in the delta heat, Adel must find the killer or end up framed for murder. 

Under the Carib Sun

Thirteen years prior to Under the Dixie Moon, Adel Destin is far from rock bottom, and far from coming clean. In fact, the Manhattan-born dope smuggler is on top of his game. Or so he thinks.

Barely escaping Marseille with his life, Adel lands on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, where he hopes to relax on the hot sand. But fate-and the inability to change his ways-lands him in hot water instead.


Adel meets Seb, a local small-time drug-dealer looking to take his business to the next level, and Daphnée, a beautiful cocktail waitress who seems to instantly succumb to his bad boy charm. For a very short while, life in St. Barts is indeed paradise. Until Adel and Seb run afoul of the neighboring island's main drug lord, and Daphnée turns out to have a secret agenda.


Soon there's blood on the white sand beaches, as Adel learns that life on St.Barts can be as cheap as in the meanest asphalt jungle.

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